Only For You


Oh, dearest

Why must you torture me so?

Even in my dreams I am not free of your lovely grasp

Even my subconscious expresses it's need for your smile

Your eyes

Your  laugh

Your love

And I can't shake you off

Like a hair that's constantly in my face


And they are always the same

It is of me

And you

Just sitting and talking

Laughing and loving

No touching

No feeling

The way it should be

Just smiles and the amusement in your eyes



You hold me tight

And promise to never let go

I hate these the most

For often I wake up to nothing but air

Where your soft lips have been



Only once

I dreamed of a beachhouse

All to ourselves

A shock to me

In the dream

But to you it had always been so

I rushed out and called to you

So that we could make sandcastles by the shell flecked waves

But you simply stood on our porch and watched me

In the dream

I saw nothing wrong with that

It was normal

For you to sit and smile

At my futile efforts to defy the waves

But now

As this bed is lonely

And as these thoughts are clear

I wish that I would've called you out to me

Because that one splash of cold water

That would light your face with a smile

Would now inflame my heart with warmth


Because now it feels stone cold

A dead weight in my chest

And it weighs down upon me

Like a man

Right as the rope snaps taut

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