Essay On Love

Notes on Love

    See, the thing about love is that everybody goes through life desperately searching for it. But I propose that love is not a singular noun but a myriad of objects, as well as objectives. Love is not a set way to do things, it doesn't have a manual, but people try to copy what others do in an attempt to replicate what the other is feeling. Speaking from my point of view, what works best for one girl does not work best for another and there's the big mistake. There's the problem that blows the fish out of the water. Love is different. A slow. yet fast, moving serpent. A rush of cool, yet warm, water. A passionate, yet dull, gift, wrapped with your name and a bow.

     I cannot say I'm an expert on love, no one is for the simple reason that there are so many fields one cannot truly hope to master them all. You could spend a lifetime trying. And yet I feel compelled to tell you exactly how I feel and what defines my feeling of love. This does not neccasarily define yours. My love is the feeling you get in your stomach like butterflies when you are around the other person. That feeling that just being with them will make you the happiest person on the planet. The feeling of not needing to touch but instead the urge to watch. That is the big ticket on my list. When I can be around a girl and not want to feel them in my arms but instead just want -need them beside me, that's when I know it's real. So far, life has blessed me with that feeling only once and she is sorely missed.

     Love is a wonderful, beautiful, wretched beast that will rip out your spine just as soon as purr at you. It is unpredictable, It is horrible, it is the most wonderous thing on the planet and all creatures seek it with equal fervor. Finding it is the tricky part. If you want advice from a boy who knows little be yourself and do what feel right. You can't go wrong with that.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love how in the first paragraph you canreplace everytime I say the word Love with the word Life.

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