The House On A Hill

We had it planned

Like a blueprint in front of us

Like a berry's tang on your lips

My memories of you are bittersweet

Many fights

Many words left unsaid

But I remember that moment

I remember it well

Always my heart melts

To think of our house on the hill


With green walls

and a whitewashed fence

It stands in front of me

And all around beside

a field

That stretches to the horizon and back

No tree to blemish its pristine beauty

No river to damage its perfection

Only the simple waving of grass

Like a huge green ocean

Roiling with our heartbeats


The gate creaks as I shut it

Children dance around me as I walk

and then vanish with the thud of my footsteps

A tree

Yes, a tree!

Stands protectively over the house

One tire swing sways lazily in the breeze

The rope is yellowed and frayed

With age

But I sit in it all the same


A window

Paint chipped and peeling

gazes lovingly at the tree

It leads to a kitchen

Small and tidy


Enough for two people

Drowning in each others love


Chills run down my spine

As the threshold touches my feet

I hear children laughing

Pianos playing

wonderful love making

Tiny breasts under silken sheets

I see blue eyes

Embracing mine

As I wake up each day

But this is as far as I go


The gate creaks as I close it

The children call and say "Daddy, where you goin...?"

But the engine is starting

And it erases their voices

Tomorrow I'll find a different way to work

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Emma Seibel and dreams long forgotten

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snshnexes's picture

There is a song, this

There is a song, this reminded me of the first verse.."Once in a house on hill, a boy got angry and broke into my heart..." To drown in a lover's love as you mentioned, is an infinite feeling of those nevermores..yes, I do know. Enjoyed


demigodess's picture


this is beautiful, sad, joyful and i love it!

~Grass is green~ <^>