Empty Pepsi Bottle

Notes on Life

Dear Empty Pepsi Bottle

I can remember like yesterday when you were full

Perhaps because it was just a day ago

When you're cool insides washed my throat clean

of the daily grit and dust

When you're adrenaline-filled fizz cleared my mind

of the daily sorrows and disapointments

But now you are empty

Like my life


A troubled cheddarhead

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Haha... Cheddarhead...

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prophecy's picture

A poem about pepsi, first off

A poem about pepsi, first off I haft to ask if your serious or just dense?

Secondly I need to give you credit for something original.

Other than that yea back to the first question?

Regardless your either mental or you seem to think everythign is a joke.

Regardless good effort but it needs some work this  so far is a mindless failure.

And that is simply because you invested as much time in this and emotion as it takes a human to shit.

Other than that well done for something original, but it needs alot of work, and less of a bullshit joke.

Blink's picture

You complicate things. I saw

You complicate things. I saw an empty pepsi bottle and wrote about it.

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