Know what? People Suck

Notes on Life

Know what?

People suck


If you're a boy

Stay away from girls

The manipulative two-faced freaks

Will only take your heart

and Smile

And tell you they love you

Then they wink

And whisper "Oops..."

You can only watch

As they rip your heart in two


If you're a girl

Since this poem has to remain unbiased

Stay away from boys

For they think with their dick

and not with their head

One minute he'll grin

and whisper something cheesy in your ear

The next he'll mount you against a wall

as you cry out for him to stop

But he won't listen

Dicks don't have ears


Know what?

People suck

And if I were you I'd stay away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to every two-faced liar I know

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Zephyra's picture

tut tut, so young to have

tut tut, so young to have such a jaded view of people and the world.  And just as a side note, you didn't have to try to be unbiased, but it did work for this particular piece.


And yes, I agree, people do largely suck, but it doesn't keep us from trying does it? LOL maybe we need our heads examined!