A Poem of Love

Notes on Love

Just as the Sun chases the Moon across the stars

So does melancholy Winter chase vibrant Spring

Infatuation he gives her

Along with wonders

Of heaven and earth

But the miraculous does not satisfy

Insatiable is Spring’s thirst

For anything different than what is Real


Life gives way to Death

Winter gives way to Spring

Every year, Winter sends great Snows

To hold Spring back

But she is slippery in his grasp

Like a newborn child just pulled from the womb

And she breaks free

Laughing and taunting, taking more from dear old Winter

Her eyes sparkle

Her hair flows

Her hands beckon

And like a whipped dog, tail between legs

Winter sullenly follows



And so, one day Winter will relinquish his frigid grasp on Spring

He will lay down his scepter

And, with it, his cold crown

He will look pleadingly at Spring

As he has done more times than there have been days in the universe

But she will turn her head and look away


Only then will Winter see what he has become

And he shall whisper farewell


Love is Blind

As Blind as a world with no sun

Love is Joyous

As Joyous as fondling a newborn lamb

Love is Chilling,

Wrapping your heart in an icy cave

Love is Determined

As well as Strong

But every mountain

Is laid to waste by the sands

And every castle

To become a Tomb for those who live there

So must Love

Love is Doomed

To Suffocate in its own embraces

To be Deafened by its own heartbeats

To be drowned in its own spilled blood


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