I want to be God and control the world


I want to be God

and control the world

and control me sitting as they

" Masqueraded" on the bench

among other two benches

for 24 people, the Catholic

University is a healing me from

a dark mood of "grandiosity"

a savior complex that is sin

later when I talk to the voice

I see the savior complex that is



I sit there in a

Catholic place yet wearing the Hijab

I promised I would never wear the Hijab

I can influence Supporters, Fans

Followers etc. 


The long beautiful Abaya, the Muslim

dress saving my face, in between

South and North, yesterday I took an antipsycotica

medication that I did not take for a while

It made feel like I was in a mental prison


Today I have another antipsycotica medication

that helps me more than the one above, yesterday

I did not cry I thought a class when I was feeling

unspired, I prevailed, preserving in class, I was  

Public Speaking on a Saturday.  

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saiom's picture

  Dear Hibo    please check


Dear Hibo

   please check the side effects of your meds.. the FDA requires that

they labeled as a potential cause of suicide and homicide, as well as

of the permanent shaking called tardive dyskinesia.

    Jesus says 'you will do greater things than I have done'. It is Jesus

who gave all Christians a savior complex.  In my opinion it is a good thing.

God bless and protect you in all ways and always.