A Child is born!I was stuck in an eletrical "circut"? in my mind




My big male hands

a black woman, with a black

slave feet, big black, slave feet

the Christ in Christmas, the Christ in Christmas

the Christ in Christmas, merry Christmas, 

complain, complain: Christmas is a commercial time!

it is about sales, sales in the West, it has no signifance anymore

not religion, not spiritual, not anything, we do not like it!

we do not like!


And, and, Chrismas, now happy holidays,

I am here, he has come, where?

here, Universal, here, Universally here,

40 nights of prayer in Bethleham, in the temple?

have it all, all of the lights, the beauty, the world?

No, you have it all, you be this all time


24th day, a calender: a new calender

a boy is born, anunciation? how did this happen

a blue space, birth meets God?


So Merry Christmas resurrection!!! Tomorrow? Happy Hoildays

we have to sell, cards, gifts, and all goods and services on Christmas?

we need to work and pay for our families and earn our salaries?


Under pressure we say things, do things, we are off

angry, reacting, acting out, in Aretha Franklin words

" Willing to Forgive": or no worries as down under says!


Merry Christmas everybody!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Circut": from a movie, a Hollywood movie ( 84/85):I will hopefully provide reference at a later date. This poem is copy righted, please see "Fair Use" rules :www.wikipedia.org.

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