Sick Game

I'm bruised

I'm beaten

I want you,

You don't want me.

Thats okay cause I guess that's the way it's gotta be.

I loved you so much,

I leaned on you like a crutch.

But I was stupid, for you let me fall

I slipped to the ground and here I crawl.

You refuse to pick me up,

Like it's some sort of sick game.

I HATE what I have became.

My life besides you is also falling,

I guess everyone ignores my calling.

If I was dead I think it'd be better,

for all these feelings would stop altogether.

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Adam Adada's picture

Dont let the world beat you down.. nor the people in it. if you let the heart play its tricks of love appon your chest you are almost dooming yourself to the pits of dispare anf loathing. good poem tho. i enjoy reading things such as this, its real and pure.... try and keep it like that :-)