My Suicide

See those pills there by my bedside?

They shall accompany me in my suicide.

Take one, the pain still grew,

if one isn't enough I'll take two.

Thoughts of you swirl in my head,

You've left me here for dead.

I still feel pain, oh god please set me free.

There's a lot of pills in this bottle, I might as well take three.

No one wants me, I'm just being used.

I hope you are all quite amused.

Three still isn't working so I'll just take four.

And if this doesn't work five should be the cure.

As I enter blackness the pain still burns,

now i can be the least of your concerns.

Not like that is much different, since you never actually cared,

I hope now you understand your love wasn't meant to be shared.

Forget five I'm gunna take six,

hopefully now this  will be the fix.

I wish you all could see the pain you have created,

and now you can understand everyone I've truly hated.

Seven, eight, nine, ten

Yeah I'm finally starting to feel okay again.

See that empty pill bottle besides my bed?

I guess eleven is what has left me for dead.

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Adam Adada's picture

:-) great stuff here, i like the count down of pills while delivering the message. it also ended well. how long have you been writing?