Severe storm warning.

Charcoal Sun

The drops fall heavily
and Zeus is quite upset.
Soaked clothing sticking cold against my skin,

while numb feet slosh loudly with every pace.
There is no one else enjoying this atmosphere quite like I,
and I wonder who is the more fortunate.

There is something beautiful found in having nothing to lose.

My sunshine has her family, and does not need me.
My friends have become distant, fading into the twilight mile by mile.
My soul has little to adhere to, as a tree struggling to find rich soil atop a mountain face.
My love is spent whispering ears tuned to a different voice, a song ever awaiting an echo that does not return.

Flashes and booms are frequent and close.

Deafening static chords,
I can even feel the electro-magnetic pulse impacts
but they do not make me wince,
my pace does not stagger.
For I have been to heaven in my dreams.
It lies near a star
within Orion's belt.
Tis a place I would like to visit again.
And if it is to come this day,
these arms are open.
Catch me with your severing light.
To be felled by such a pure force,
I would be honored to pass this way,
A good death.
Like a madman laughing at the rain
I coax you destiny.
Speak so loud, or shut up.
This moment is mine
and no one can take it from me.

I tread on into deadly air,

today, I do not seem to care.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this a couple months ago. Re-visiting it tonight.

Inspired by an off mindset and a couple miles of walking through a severe thunderstorm.

Pretty awesome really.

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