What's killing me, is that I'm killing you.


She lights her cigarettes end with a burning picture, 

and watches as the flesh falls away from a face...

A beautiful face, 

porcelain skin, 

long dark hair, 

and haunting eyes. 


A piece of herself chips away, 

and the flakes are blown up towards the night sky, 

along with the smoke of a dying ember. 


Years have been given away here to be forever lost within the past. 

Memories are all that remain, 

and yet, 

they too, 

will shrivel...


into nonexistent thoughts. 

She has pushed him into a realm full of darkness, 

behind closed doors, 

where whispers have become indistinct, 


 A repetitive lesson finally learned, 

abandon adventure, 

a Wonderland cripple, 

carousel spinning, 

spider stomping, 

web horrific nightmare

but she cries, 

in between inhales and exhales of fumes, 

because her heart felt crushed.

A bruise was forming on top of the very thing that she thought no one could ever touch...

she had built a protective shelter around an object that had become hollow, 

and she felt numb, 

like a carcass inside of a casket where all emotions, 

and soul wishes lay for rest...

where no one could hear the breaths...

she laid there, 





shuddering out one last echo of promised truth...

What is it that kills you? 

What is killing me, is that I am killing you...

She gave her life, 


in order for him to die, 


That picture was reduced to nothing more than empty ashes.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired by Asking Alexandria's "Killing You" song. 


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Probably my favorite that I

Probably my favorite that I have read from yours so far.  The beginning invokes strong imagery and the the emotions build as the song goes on.  Well written and I love some of the long sentences that make its way into the piece.

ashes_twisted's picture


Ah, thank you so much! 

This folder is fun to mess around with when i find the right quotes. ^_^

"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo

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Oh Man! is there nothing you

Oh Man! is there nothing you cant do? awe... you will be famous. I hope youre ready! :)

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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You really think so?

I don't know about all that, but I really do hope that I can accomplish my goals. (^-^) 

I was born ready! lol, thanks so much SS! <3 

"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo