I embraced my liberty and found you there. Solemn yet hardened in your heart and affairs. Sensing that you needed me to set yourself free. Yet never acknowledging it. No one fitting the perfection of your perfectness. However I “saw you”. Vulnerable among the vanities. Like a flower that has yet to feel itself bloomed, yet others see the outside, while those of us privileged to sit on the inside see you in the hidden depths of despair. Our hurts dangling from the thread of life where you can rescue us and in doing so rescue yourself.

I embraced my liberty and found you there. Sight of a woman, heart of a tearful child. Letting go of everything including friendship because although you promised, you refused to give your strength to stay. While all along you walk your path, pushing away the “one”, someone who crossed your path, if not me then someone else.

Because no one is perfect in your perfection. No one is correct unless they are your “correct”. I embraced my liberty and found you there watching your disparaging heart of despair. Hoping someday you can let go of yourself and others opinions and find your liberty.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just some things i needed to say love ya.

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