Zenith, or So I Thought

Love and Pain

My senses leaped for a moment

I pondered, "Could this be true?"

Was this my "Once upon a time there was..."

Could the chivalric knight be you?


An explosion of unbridled passion

Expressive of noveled romance

An unprecedented written personification

of award-winning spoken dance


I curtsied, dipped, and twirled

Displaying my 26 shades of grey

But I tripped and fell on the cold hard floor

My new found treasure rolled away


My tale of two distant cities

diverged further in a wood

Unlovely bones remained

where the wild things once stood


Guess I'll go back to my tuffet

and eat my sour curds and whey

I could have sworn the stanza read "Just for you, love."

I must have bought the wrong book again today.

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