Kill Every Part of Me

I would rather get a lobotomy

Than deal with this fucked up part of me

That I can't seem to make

Worth your future days


All I ever seem to ask myself 

Is why does he want somebody else

And I lay alone at night feeling burdened by my life


I feel like I can't breathe sometimes because the truth is hard to find

When all the things he says are lies to cover up his true inner desires

Why should I continue to push through the pain

When all he ever does is complain and say I am trying to put him in chains

He rests easy every night, while I barely sleep sometimes


Why doesn't he see that his lies have him in way too deep

It burdens me to think that the love that I had could keep me from seeing

I was with somebody else that did not even care about himself

He wasted a part of my life and killed the peace within my mind


I'd rather get a lobotomy

Than deal with this fucked up part of me

How can you sit there and point fingers at me

While you go around and make yourself look like some kind of king

You tell them all your stupid lies and ask them why she doesn't treat me right

Honey, you are not my knight when all you do is fucking lie!

Can't you see you caused almost all of the fights?


I had some bitter-sweet insight and began to see straight through your lies

The things you'd promise me and say while looking right into my eyes

You always failed to mention your other motives, your other decisions


So I must ask you- 


Do you see why I'd rather get a lobotomy

Than deal with the messed up thoughts you forced inside of me

My mind is not the same

When everyday I have been in love with you was always just a game

So please someone come take away my pain

Get a drill and fix my brain 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happiness is not achieved by lying to your partner. 

He destroyed my views on love.


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Amber Lemon..

Amber Lemon,

Amber Lemon = A loner be? Mm..

Amber Lemon = Mm..R balonee!

Amber Lemon = No? L! Rememba..

Amber Lemon = Me am, loner b

Amber Lemon = L-O! an be, er mm..

Amber Lemon = Mor amenble?

Amber Lemon = Or, blame men?

Amber Lemon = O men b, r lame!

Amber Lemon = O, me ramblen..

Amber Lemon = Lemon bare? M.

Amber Lemon ='n. LMAO!

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Your strong for telling the

Your strong for telling the truth for having survived. You don't need someone elses validation to find meaning or purpose. You can choose to embrace the pain and be your own purpose. But you don't have to do it all alone.