Fire 1


Damned and Coersion met up with Contempt and Sass on the way to call Fire out. The Hot factor had been reticent to acknowledge Water’s iniquities and they were of one mind to find out what he was planning, if anything. Fire and Water considered Nemesis their best reference to each other. Water had a keen eye for the flamer’s tendency to rampage and like a Titan, level Place, a bold venture under any tree along a river bed. Fire was envious of Earth’s love for Water and decided to keep the meeting short.


Fire, hotest of all the Elementals, flared, stoking his coals, packing them tighter, hailing Wind, Air’s nephew, to give him height and purpous. Damned, predictably cursed, Sass blew kisses and flung back curls from sense loving cheeks causing Earth bound lover’s to blush a lot. The heart of Fire felt betrayed thus contemplation of sixty burning virgins filled his mind and his heart raced to strenghten his resolve.

“What can we hope from you?” Coersion broke the ice. “The problem is not an easy one to singe, my Time-out friend,” Fire began, haughtily, eyeing Contempt. Fire has no use for Contempt, preferring a direct approach in an argument for or against other Elementals. “Text brought the news to me. Place confirmed my reservations ten years ago and I will sear a path cut by Earth to Essential's House of Existence. Go away and never return. My hospitality is for those born for Greatness and Experience, Mirth, and Bantor.” Fire watched his guest retreat from his augmented heat and thought their expedience paper burning neat.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fire has reservations about tackling Water at any theatre of war or game grid. She has Cold as ally, Fire's anthetical addiction. The meeting was a dangrous gambit, but he liked danger and contemplated his immortality, waiting for Path. - Stella

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