Water Thinking



Joy drips from all skies, the Earth is beneath me and Air is thrust aside for me to land happily to douse the fires of the world. I know I am not contemptuously regarded, being beautiful. Who could bathe in my bounty and miss the point or miss the train of thoughts that lead to all manner of things saturated. Indestructable, I rule the sky, I rule in every crevice of the sands, my name is written across the stars, pouring from ladles in the hands of the gods.


Thor worships war, but his sire holds his reigns. I will quench the thirst of Odin and bring the warriors to Germany’s ancient rivers to run down the globe to Greece and Rome where sacrifices will be made to me and Hera, Theckla, and Venus. What god of Time will refuse my call to wash in wetted Essense, skin covered in mud from Earth, in pools heated by Fire? Who will deny that I am Water? I will reign another 27 billion years as human counters attempt to flatter Time. If war comes, I will change from ice to water, to steam, to cloud, and back to ice again and not be found. There is no weapon I can not freeze. I am Water.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Water's strategies have kept her long in power over the other Elements and all else. Her secret power over Existence is her ability to alter physical states more quickly than the other Elements. - Lady A

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