Vitaman D


Some scientists noticed that Black people dying of COVID-19 had negligble or very low levels of vitamin D in their cells. Survivors, those who recovered, had high levels of vitamin D. CDC spokesperson said clinical controlled experimentation would be necessary to prove this works, but just in case I'm taking it daily. 20 minutes of sun daily has same outcome of raising body Vitamin D. We produce it naturally. Good thing that is true or nothing to it? -- Just in case. Daily.



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Yes, get out and take a walk

Yes, get out and take a walk every day.  The sunlight and fresh air does a body good.

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It's Good Exercise

I get our about 2 to 3 X per week weather permitting. Me and 95 degrees don't mix well. Autumn rocks! ...a



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Thank you! This is extremely

Thank you! This is extremely valuable information. I'm definitely adding. Stay safe. 

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just took my daily

I wonder if there us going to be a run on V-D - trip to CVS soon. 




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Vitamin D3 specifically,

Vitamin D3 specifically, along with zinc and vitamin c. So glad you are beefing up your immunity.  Wishing you healthy days and nights, Stella


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Vitamin D

Helps with the absorption of calcium also. All kinds of other benefits.I also take C - big pills.