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Everyone is so pissed off that it is hard to talk to them. The conversation goes well for about ten minutes then, bam! Everything disliked or hated pours waterly into my glass. I'd have a half empty glass if it was not full of aspersions and slings and arrows.


As a mode of communication, complaint has a place, but all the time wears down my nerves. I keep hoping for an invitation to have fun or laugh or create something pretty.


But, no. If I had my choice (about somebody else's choice?) I'd do it like this. Exit conversation that include, "I hate that and they this and they that!" Because you are everyone's critic and the patronizing is always welcome since only you can speak and be heard and heeded. Opining is a pattern best left on your side of the street. Critical thinking is not a one person enterprise and you don't strike me as particularly classy or stylish or intelligent.









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Even more relevant today than

Even more relevant today than when you wrote it. I had to smile as I read this because it rings so true for me. There's a difference between someone with reasonable grievances and a relentless emotional vampire. Not always easy to change the subject, but that's absolutely the best advice. I'm feeling this. A very therapeutic read. 

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Is an art form. Requiring discipline, thought, and performance. If "the hook" is summoned, you missed the boat, the taxi, the go-cart, and the mule.! ~S~