Black 70, And Feisty

A New View


A white guy called in to NPR and said his friends stand around and say inappropriate racial jokes and if I don't laugh I risk friendships. I thought about Biblical martyrs persecuted for their beliefs. I thought about all of my relatives who tell me I should pray and the Lord will take care of his plan. OK.  bein' Black, 70, and feisty, what I actually think often goes unvoiced to keep the peace. Except when I write.  I lost a friend who vowed to never eat Chinese food for the rest of her life because of COVID-19. Every one of my friends made in my youth are dead. Over dosed, alcoholism, gun violence, or suicides. I can not call myself a writer if I do not speak up. Except with my family. Love has strange offices and I'm already branded the "Black" sheep.



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