Federal Cost Cuts?

A New View


The Federal gvt can not go broke. Further into debt, but not to help by printing more money. So, come December 1, 2020, how many will be glad to get job at $9.00 per hour with no benefits? picking fruit in summer/fall - could be all high school grads can get in competition with single moms and laid off married men and women. Unemployment benefits eventually end. Taxes will come due. The water bill can not be delayed endlessly. Eviction is an ugly word. Failed business is an ugly term.

1 in 4 employable not working? Hmmmm.... Parade rains - what are the drug addicted gonna do with no wealthy system to  sip or steal or borrow from? Muggings will rise. Home invasions will rise. Suicides/homocides over not having money or losing money to scams or theft will rise. Activism will spill over. Will the Uber wealthy invest in USA businesses? Global economy schmonmy - is it domino fall doomed? EU is hurtin', UK faces challenges, and India/China have a billion to feed. Borders will stay closed? Perhaps. 2nd wave of Pandemic flare up? 3rd world countries, and countries at  war - no health care systems. WHO? Many more could die. Point of optimism: Humans are like the phoenix - they rise new from ashes. 

The entitlements may take a hit - Medicaid is already under attack, gutted - will Medicare follow? Social Security? Note: Retirement system could crash being based on payments by the employed.

Will the stock market tank? What will happen with prices when business loans come due? Will bodies stack up with easing - or will COVID mutate and fade? Fire season soon, floods and tornado season begins. Will nature rebel too fast for overstressed resources to respond. I am 70. Jesus, let me see 90. United is in our name. Maybe polarized views will melt as the proud are humbled. Pray for a fast full employed recovery. Imagine Republicans breaking from GOP and joining with Democrats breaking from DNC to save the country from near collapse. A dream or a possible reality?

Poverty is a great equalizer. Folks, USA is a boom and bust experiment. Sleeves that can will roll up. 2021 will not look like 2019-20. I think we can all agree on that. 


One thing is absolutely 100% certain - hoarded toilet paper will eventually run out.



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I want so much to believe the

I want so much to believe the positive scenario . . . A very wise conclusion: "USA is a boom or bust experiment" So well said, so terrifyingly true. And the last line: now that's scary! A well constructed assessment of our reality. 

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Most People

Are appalled that anger interprets into delaying businesses reopening. March  - May gave country time to inform, plan, and prepare for the sick and the dead. Unfortunately, innocent dedicated enterprising folks are hurt financially. This is the hard price of injustice. The hidden cost of police misconduct rises. Focus on the most vile crime - police working on drug lords and murder and major crimes that make communities unsafe might be a place to start. 4 officers on one man for a $20.00 complaint (actual charge was over alleged $20.00 crime) is a waste of resources. I can't breathe. Not what you want anyone to croak. Mr. Floyd called for his mother as he died. That makes me sob right now. ~S~