Fed Up


Civilization is fraying edges wanting to reknit back into the same pattern. Where are the zealots, the screamers demanding change politely? No megaphone anywhere, no little bits of counterpoint refuse to adhere to passing soles. No longer tethered to a paycheck as time purchased to stave off tendencies of mob and group mayhem in propinquity with social unrest bordering on uncivil disobedience? Wonders never cease amazing.

Where are the malcontented? Religion ate a few, having family dues to pay silenced, or rather quieted, the once loud and didactic. We need a new revolutionary. Purple tans - a trubute to prince, or yellow submarine tee-shirts; a tribute to, you know, yellow submarines. Where did all the rhetoricians go? The bigger voices squealing illogic and masses hype. The KKK is out full force but their counterpart in red black and green have not rallied for media attention or for a platform from which to yell the Manafesto. It is time to  break out, dust off, and tilt the tam. What? No spiffy slogans like: RENT STRIKE POWER FOR A JOB AT $20.00 PER HOUR or DEATH TO THE UBERS! Something catchy that will tickle the ultra wealthy publically but give them night terrors. POWER TO THE MIDDLE CLASS. That'll shake em down to their hand stitched cowboy boots.


The easy living will vanish because the bill for all this economy saving will come due. As in what do you mean, 14.2k annual salary, I use to make 123.8K with options. The makings of a true revolutionary. The call is out to appreciate more with higher salaries-the essential worker. The grocery store cashier needs a new Benz. That dog will not only not hunt, it will be hard to wake it up. Take away food stamps and ironically go out as a congregation to burn down the grocery store. Logic is not a plank in the revolutionist's platform. 

Activism rises in proportion to blatant inequality (dare I say removal of personal freedoms). Anger is seething and I doubt a Trump response if it hits "The Mall" will be kind speeches if molotovs are hitting the secret service guys. IT IS TIME TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN WITHOUT YOU! It will be hard to throw tear gas at Oprah and Tom Hanks, Jay-Z and ZZ Top at the front of the line. Yeah Lady Gaga, Angie Jolie, and J-Lo too while we are dreaming. SEIZE THE TIME! -- That was a personal favorite.

Coming changes will be as deep and drastic as home-work and home-school and Stay Home edict enactments. You have not lived, many of you, through a riot. Tanks are already behind cyclone wire fences along USA Avenues in large cities. The wealthy aka powerful have no pity. By the way, tanks actually fired can only

help with urban renewal.


We shall see. The bubble has been threatening to burst for a long time which means the ground is about to be cluttered with bubble bits. Be careful when you finally are allowed to go out. Don't trip on the shards of the old prosperity.




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In deed, it's never gonna be

In deed, it's never gonna be the same. I think it's going cashless, but we shall see. You've said quite a mouth full here, Stella. Wishing you and yours many blessings through all this.

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charge card and bank account debit card customers only. I could see college and universities on line. I hope prices come down. Be well! ~S~



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Amen! You always speak truth

Amen! You always speak truth to power . . . and everyone. With unflinching conviction, you call out the lunacy of our fun-house reality where we have fell into a surreal complacency. For now. 


"Where are the malcontented?" The most powerful question I've heard in these four years. Thank you. I happen to believe it is probable that the "bubble" that has been " threatening to burst" will, and spectacularly, if this tyranny of social and economic injustice continues. And people will wonder, how did this happen? 


Because we let it happen. But look, you're on record as speaking the ominous truth, and intelligently. Always a cathartic experience to read you. 


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Evolutionary Capitalism

Self-purging Econ system - predictions were for a mild down-turn. Historically, the prosperity coagulates at the top then crashes to repeat the process. The next cycle will include labor until neglect and moral rot rises as cash flows in successful competition between the few again to drain upward. Egalitarian profit sharing and the aim of capitalist states gamers are de facto repellant principles. The experiment continues. Cool commentary. Thanks. ~S~




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1st of all, you reeled me in

1st of all, you reeled me in with the title

2nd of all, this is definitely one of those pieces that would be amazing to hear recorded in your voice

3rd of all, YES YES YES. brilliant

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Thanks eleven_eleven

Had a bit of fun writing this. History does not always repeat, often it unfolds new and different. We will watch. ~Lady A~