War Update April 2020

A New View


The "West" withdraws from warring on lesser states, too much debt at home. What happens to "Middle-East" war economies leveraged to fight without cash infusions? Peace might break out. Really big wars support larger states - enter Russia and China. USA broke, EU as USA-China trade dependent for cash-flow begins to shrink, China has no USA market because consumers want Made In USA labels, and no USA PRODUCTION to support the dollar or world currencies will be the new headlines. The biggest hands held out will close and go home empty. Time to roll up sleeves and stop being the leisure class, dude. WHO, IMF, United Nations - sorry USA gave at the Federal Reserve Bank. Ports will close to shut-out or shut down due to no trade. The fire season approaches - time to get ready for the long hot summer. Dear World: Debts eventually come due. It is time to begin thinking long-term.  


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