A New View


Yeah, that one

is back. Time 


to get out its

anti-KKK shovel

and bury

another word




George Take (Sulu on original Star Trek)was on NPR (National Publc Radio) today as an activist. He spoke of WWII internment, of history and advancement of Asian Americans to become doctors, nurses fighting COVID-19, and serving now as politicians at all levels of USA government. 

A Chinese descended mom told story Of her daughter at university: A math professor sat on park bench opposite her daughter and asked, "Are you from Wuhan?" She got up and walked away. Her first personal encounter with racist attitudes. She was crushed emotionally by the hate. Mom contacted school told them they needed to do some training.


Mr. Take spoke of many immigrants but only Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Viet Namese, Cambodians, and Koreans) and later South Americans were imprisoned because they did not look white. Italians and Germans were not collected, their wealth confiscated, and dehumanization initiated.


So, trump let out his racist dogs, then withdrew the "Chinese Flu" label, stopped using it, but the word was out and his base is acting on it.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Asian American racism is rising since Trump labeled viral pandemic The Chinese Flu. He, of course, is the leader who made USA great again. ~S~

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"For evil to succeed, all it

"For evil to succeed, all it takes is for good men to do nothing" -Martin Luther King Jr


I honestly believe we are living in the gathering storms of fascism, and it certainly is time to get out the shovels. They didn't believe it could happen in 1938 either. No big deal. Nothing to see here. And people did nothing.


Thank you for speaking out. 

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Fear Of Losing Dominance

Social aggregation diversifies, the backlash shifted to full throttle when demographics showed trend that Lat-X were growing faster than white citizens. Anti-abortion happened with unlimited funding, kids in cages to staunch the migration, armed forces deployed ON USA soil. Removal from power anyone who disagreed/s publicly with Trump - the fired quiet intelligent insider-knowing patriots who can write books. We wait, sequestered, with time to think about freedom and survival of the fit and the unfit. - allets