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Past midnight, Michigan non-emergency people are to stay home as request to social distance did not work. In an age where Rock stars kiss and lick the band's faces, we are in trouble like Italy. I have Jesus freak friends - Prayer Warriors, they call themselves. I pray but not militaristicaly. The consensus is God will defeat the enemy and CV-19 will not affect them. I remember reading "The Red Death" watching flagellants with chain whips, fields of burning many corpses...this is only new to some of us. I love my friends and stay quiet, but I did a mass E-Mail on hand washing and to stay 6 ft apart. I am a Christian. It was the least I could do.


No measure is over the top. I wash down my grocery bags and grocery containers with a handi-wipe and clean the bottom of my shoes When I come in. Silly? 2 weeks ago I felt odd doing that. Not today. 

The governor gets Italy's failures. She realized the virulence of CV-19. This a.m. a doctor on NPR while telling me not to use Ibuprophin only Tylenol and acetametaphin, said the holding your breath for 10 second and if no cough was not a cure.  The idea was to see if lungs in late stage were fibroid - not working and need oxygen or life support. Lo-tech is not the doctor, was the doctor's point. Vitamin C is not a cure either, so I will continue that daily with the garlic water teaspoonful immune booster therapy - for the TLC and warm fuzzies. 

Shootings in Detroit have gone down dramatically. Somebody is listening out there. Stay home and stay healthy. Gov. Whitmer Gave us The Michigan Slogan this morning: Stay home, stay safe, save lives! -- poetically, not too shabby.


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Sometimes youth think they

Sometimes youth think they are invincible 

without realizing they are the carriers

Funny though it's the younger ones that

make up the hospitalized, yes they will



Glad you are being careful! I have

not disinfectEd my bags, nor shoes

just my hands, and shopping carts 


they say cheap masks don't really 

work! It may help others if you are

coughing and sneezing!  


Be safe! Take Care


Here too we are house bound

Parks closed, ordered to stay home


©️Dove 2020

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You Are Wise

I was thinking people spit on the sidewalk. Silly? Maybe.



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Thank you for this very

Thank you for this very intelligent perspective. I really respect your balance in regards to prayer and practicality. Some people are so heavenly minded that they're no earthly good, while others struggle unnecessarily through life while hope is just a prayer away. 


Thank you also for doing your part to not only protect yourself but society at large, knowing that today's inconveniences are lives saved tomorrow. If we study the trajectory of the outbreaks in Asia, it's clear that containment efforts do work. 


Garlic used to be called "Russian penicillin" in WW2 because it saved troops from gangrene and research shows it can kill germs penicillin can't touch. For years I've been making my own aged garlic in cider vinegar and I take this whenever I feel a cold coming on. I don't make any claims, just know it works for me and it can't hurt.


Also Google "turmeric and black pepper". Again, making no claims, especially in regards to this unprecedented virus, but if things get so bad for whatever reason we can't get to a doctor, it makes sense to look into natural cures, even though the medical establishment with its profit motive frowns on it.


Italy's situation needs to be a warning to us. Every day in denial is lives lost. 


I have family in Michigan, and it's heartening to hear you guys are handling this wisely.


See what you did, you got me rambling . . . 


Thank you for sharing. 








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Ramble On!

A cool breath in a desert of hot air - (insert long sigh here). Cider vinegar ooooooooook. Will add. ~S~