Coronavirus Observations

A New View

One: there is no way to know who has it. period. Everyone should self quarantine for 21 days. Those who can, must! --which is impossible because health care workers need to be mobile, so do grocers and pharmacist. Police are at risk, firemen must put out fire. Not in that category of essential worker, take a early vacation and stop touching anyone. period.


Two: calm before storm- Mardi Gras in Louisiana was spreading COVID-19. It began to show up in February. Such epicenters were and are all over the world. Social isolation not just distancing is mandatory. Hospitals will be full, masks are for healthcare folks on the front line. When you go to hospital you will be surrounded by the near dead. Do not go. Stay home. Come April/May, military sites will be choice of desperation. Die at home - with 10 thousand equally sick competing for one bed, stay home. 


Three: Not worth the risk, is the answer to those you love who want to visit. Hard to do? Yes. I want to see my grandson but I love him, I am 70, Diabetic, and have a scratchy throat. No visit allowed - I love you. Live!


Four: Harsh Choices Ahead. Give my ventilator to a twenty year old college student, a 40 y.o. mother of three. Give my Blue Cross bed to a poor seven year old. They have as much future as I have past. Sacrifice requires making the courageous choice to die. Assume you are going to get it and end the anxiety. Be sensitive to elders, please.

Five: It is not a good idea to go outside. Period. Time to read the classics. Start with Don Quixote -- about 3000 pages long: D





Author's Notes/Comments: 

May take a walk today - cabin fever.

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