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A New View

I never lived thru a pandemic -polio got a vaccine - 60's measles left a generation deaf to partially deaf. I missed those. Corona is virulent 1 infected could infect 6 (or more if undiscovered or left unreported.) old folks are susceptible. Birthday today - restaurant a steak house. No cases here so far 1 suspected is all I've heard but do not trust. We import billions in furniture and clothing auto parts you name it from China. To be researched R-Naught, port closures, gestation period. 

Found in monkeys that transmit it to humans Not good. Still a food source. Ugly word pandemic. Corona has no antibiotic or cure. You get it you live or you die.


To be watched. What have you heard? Please share. ~S~

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nothing in paticular,but you

nothing in paticular,but you see these people keep going there and bring it back,now they are taking them off the ships and sending to local hospitals in there states they live in,how long before detroit

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2 Cases In Michigan

No deaths, but country has shortage of testing components for detection. Wash your hands! Over 1050 cases in USA. (known) cruise ships are returning in USA ports from world. Pandemic is declared - community clusters of transmission and countries are trying to bolster recessioned economies instead of financing things like missing test kit parts.


Be fearless, but it may be time to start stocking up on can goods and non fat dry milk. 100 cruise ships docking in USA next week. It comes from countries with high community transmission. India has closed its borders. 




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there just trying to play it

there just trying to play it down,it will be everywhere soon

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Death rates are low compared to cases per area. Take your vitamin C to boost immune system.  Not paranoia, caution and preparedness! I saw pix of clean up troops with gas masks but the virus can enter via eyes and ears. We still manufacture tanks to keep the Uber rich wealthy instead of making full body anti-contamination suit tech to protect citizens risking their lives to help other USA citizens. Nobody in Homeland prepped for pandemic? ~S~



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lol,can`t hardly find toilet

lol,can`t hardly find toilet paper or paper towells here people expecting quaratine

i`m still working everyday just wash my hands a lot

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I am off today to

Continue stocking up. Big city lots of stores. Fill up freezer, chug full cupboards  and keep on pushin! -S-



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In countries that don't

In countries that don't have 

the proper Equiptments, and

resources to fight the disease 

will become problematic!


I never thought about

imported good! Wow!

Would have to know more 

about the nature of the disease!

How long can it live without a host

to infect! does heat kill it,

or does it survive in damp, dark spaces

so forth!


©️Dove 2020

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Too Many Possibilities

A few facts. 5 suspected cases in my County, Wayne (also a case in Oakland) but patients not identified and no name of hospitals they were taken to. CDC has blood samples -- results due this week. So citizens will continue to go to those hospitals and if had contact with infected patient - is not important as names not released. One returned from China before fed screening at airports. Everywhere unstopped is the harsh reality ~ keep the people buying and consuming - not home "relatively" safe. One case misdiagnosed went to two different floors with patient exposing hospital staff. It is here. The annual MONSTER JAM at Comerica Park reascheduled to late July. ~S~



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soouped up flu.ten times

soouped up flu.ten times stronger

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Washing hands

Frequently - washed away or killed - don't know. Women less prone to get infection per virologists. Women have better immune systems. Still reading. How many of the infected are going to die is to be watched. WHO is in China assisting. Positive - China seeking help. Note: The virus is easily killed by soap so wash hand a lot! Keep it out of the body! Schools close, sports take a hit, large gatherings canceled - Michigan voted big time for Biden by the way. 2 cases of Corona here so far 03-11-20 ~S~



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our first case here in

our first case here in hamilton county,11 in tennessee

i am pretty well stocked,schools closed for two weeks

i wash my hands a lot and sanitize

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What I Am Not Hearing

What symptoms feel like for those who die. People have a right to prepare for death. We stop at the info folks need - chest and throat pain from an intubation-is cure worse than disease? Pneumonia where lung collapses? What does no cure mean? Hospitals are expensive places to die and leave an incurable virus. Exposure to health care providers - best care for them, some will live some will die. (Just me b n me). ~S~



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you painted a grim

you painted a grim picture,israel says 60 to 70 % will get it and 2 to 4 % will die5million people infected

you do the math,if i get it i probably wont live,last ventalotor i threw in the floor and got 40 liters of oxygen

hooked to me,,3 heart attacks,chronic kidney disease,one stroke,and a year older next week

i wash my hands a lot and sanitize,pass money back in forth,go to home depot and lowes frequently

i guess if it`s meant to be then what can we do,i`m tough but not superman,open heart surgery one year ago on the 12`th 5 by passes  burnt top of heart to fix irregular heart beat

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Underlying Conditions

3% of 7 billion - 210 million to die worldwide. You ask ME to do math with this acalculea brain? Yeah, happy birthday next week in advance, just in case. I made it to 70 - pardon the pun, but I can live with that! As civilization shuts down, recession would tip a hat iceberg. World depression - now that's one way to get manufacturing back in USA - maybe. "I used to be CEO of a major car company, now I make ventilators since the stock market went belly up." Ouch!  Or it could mutate to non-infectious form. It runs its course- we wait to see what happens. May you live in interesting times. - Ancient Chinese curse, so ironic! ~S~



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then we will just wait and

then we will just wait and see