Past The Half-Way Point

A New View


Checked the numbers and I am approaching the half way point for editing all my works on A few more may be deleted, so far about five were determined worth little or not in line with my  philosophy or just not enough was there to call a poem or prose presentation. Of 5198, 2560 are revised. 2638 to go.The time eater is changing all the fonts and colors. It was fun to do all that, but consistency overruled the flourishing and exploration of options available. I discovered that there are a lot of ways to make words bold.


Shoring up a line, adding a bit of emotional paint is the part of the editorial process that, while artifice, stretches the writer away from the original intent of the writing, which has merit. I shall not discuss the misspelled words and typos, extra spaces inside words, or capitalization due to ignorance or oversight. Fixed as best I could the broken or unresolved trains of thought, fragments, sentences (lines) that had no meaning at all. That word a day challenge was just that and a lot of craft got sidelined just getting through the daily task. Mass produced poetry suffers when tackling so many topics not of your choice. Being a poet and proser is all about choices and a major component was missing from the onset. A connection had to be found and usually a link was made to my psyche, my artistic bent, but often it was a cliched exercise, an experiment in randomness. Don't get me wrong, randomness has validity in literature, ask Lewis Caroll.(ps, the list of classics under my belt has grown since 2017 - Alice, Treasure Island, closing on the end of A Tale of Two Cities. Not much for two years, but writing eats a lot of my days and is my new most loved activity each day. Next, a Hornblower novel I bought years ago and never got to. You may not see me for a while once that starts - absolute swashbuckling and historical war and spies and who done its mixed with dates for campaigns studied and inserted for enlightenment purposes. I love a good period piece. 


What did I learn and how am I learningit? Aside from nailing the spelling of a lot of vocabulary, chosen and not researched or notlooked at closely for the inverted lettesr, I realized I missed some great connotations and alternate word choices. Objectivity is a myth, but approaching a finished poem of verses or a prose series of sentences fresh, from a different more relaxed timescape, makes for an overlaying of all sorts of additional flourishes and redirecitons. Constraint and discipline were absorbed with each poem written or attempted. These skills will be mine for the remainder of my career as a wordsmithess. Stepping outside the comfort circle was interesting also. Writers have to expand their scope, go where no writer has gone before is the impossible hope, yet the reality is ending up with a widened perspective. I would never do that again for a year. I don't have enough of those left to spend on killing brain cells.


The project goes on as does shaping up the novels, that are in great shape, by the bye. I have a street novel called Cash Talks and I wrote about ten pages last night in the third incomplete installment. Humorous and fun, and laced with a few drops of wisdom and Detroit's history, I watched the novel near write itself in the sense of formula, and a certain reader is going to want that - funny, exciting to read, and a favorite character's antics and adventures to follow. A light read, assuredly, because it is a light write.


See you in the funny papers.







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You are an excellent writer

You are an excellent writer Stella,

I admire your skills and knowledge!


I was just telling myself, I need to

expand on my style and subject matter!

Alas words come faster when they 

come from the heart, or first hand

experience, so breaking the mold

might take more work!


All the best! 



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Just Be True 2 U


Expansion comes from a solid base of work and yours is solid. Keep doing what you do. Love and Prayers - xoxoxox ~ Lady A ~