A National Day Of Giving Thanks

Holiday Poems


The skin tingles with the changing of the seasonal guardians; autumn to winter tells the vision there is no time quite like this time. You can not seem to grasp the exact moment when the trees were orange and yellow and red and brown and then fallen and gone into bare branches and ginko leaves underfoot. It happens and the memory tries to recapture something precious and beautiful.


October’s pumpkins stand again for Thanksgiving, the hauntings and nefarious characters replaced with grace and dinner and family gatherings. Hugs are mandated for even those family members you have issues for. It is the holiday and a few hours of forgiveness and you get a break because it is Thanksgiving and love blossoms like a winter rose in snow.


You are alive, that’s first. You have relatively good health, all your limbs, a solid mind, a place to stay and call home – well, most of you. Time to get entangled in Christmas tree lights and ornaments, trim and garlands. The tree traditionally goes up at Thanksgiving, not the day before Santa Nick shows up, y’all.

I miss my reindeer cardboard sleigh pulled across the window or entrance. I miss the live tree we had every year before age 11, the smell of Thanksgiving, the sounds of voices arriving from out of town. I miss Christmas caroling, too old now and throat can not bear the freezing cold even if hot chocolate is waiting.


A national day of giving thanks for: not being in prison, having most of your teeth, not in the hospital on a list, checked and found that all ten toes and ten fingers are there like on a newborn. Blessed are so many gray hairs, the ague that is almost perpetual now, the found earring, those you are related to by blood and marriage not seen in decades.


It is a time to say hello cheerfully to strangers, to the less fortunate, to donate what you can to the homeless or to a soup kitchen. It is time to bless the meal and the eaters of the bird, enjoy the sounds of the bird being knifed and distributed for consumption, time to sip the holiday vintage of laughter and smiles. Yes, and to give thanks for being here with friends and relations and, of course, do not forget the still breathing part. That is, after all and you must remember, the whole point.









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Beautiful! Love it

Beautiful! Love it all


”love blossoms like a winter rose in 

 snow”  perfect line 


Happy Thanksgiving! 

Warm hugs!!!

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We Had A Bit Of Snow Recently


Inches and inches: It was hard to see the love blossoms while trying to avoid the ice gardens. Thank you, as always, for a comment. ~ Lady A ~