Read A Book

A New View


Any book read leads to learning

and it is my message to citizens

of earth. One becomes two until

you need bookends.


Some will never read a book, any

book. Takes too much effort

and they are smarter anyway than

a scholar or writer of expose.


The loss is ours and theirs, no view 

of the globe and who is doing what

to whom. Newspapers are a start

that may lead to a whole







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Books, books, & more book

Books, books, & more books please! Currently reading Paulo coelho 

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Global Best Seller

I have not read him.



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Frequenting desire

Frequenting desire, that Ernest Hemingway is a big must

Therefore thanks the reminder to inspire its nightly flipping

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Will check out Hemm

got an anth around here somewhere. rock and read on! thanks 4 bee-ing there :D ~s~