I tried writing sweet little verses for a while, then the world showed up. There is no kind way to correct adults, subterfuge and stealth are required to remain liked. A series of news items owned the press this week and the nice little verses got trumped. Big time. Now, we are being shot dead in our own apartments. I may not own enough guns. 


I have got to get me some dreds and start hanging out at schoolyards. What did those three pillars of our future think they were doing and who gave them the idea? No tolerance is the best rule. Terrified, she goes back to school Monday, her terrorist have been removed. All three of them. I heard the telling and something deep inside my skin roused. It is a woman's empathy that rages.  


When will there stop being two criminal justice systems in my country? Sometimes I celebrate that I am 69. Only a little while longer. Then again...










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Violence has always been

Violence has always been around

It's a shame that we don't learn 

History repeats itself over and over

The weapons are modernized

But man stagnates ! 


In sickness or health

And the children suffer

Sometimes the world is

A happy place!



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The World


Is often a happy place! Contemporary media and the net make violence more visual, more immediate. Not new, just better documented via cell phones and police vids. Happiness is still big on all of Earth, with smiles and laughs aplenty. Violence, like the poor, always with us.