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Cruisin' the internet, I opened a site and found some interesting tips for ways to avoid intaking carcinogens. Dust. Grandma was right, it had to go. Using a wet sponge or dustrag to remove it is needed - not pledge or endust, not a duster (just spreads the dust into the air). Chemicals apparently are condensed in dust particles. Also, it was suggested that you take off your shoes when entering the house. The ground is dirty and no telling what is in the dirt that turns to dust and fills the air with cancer causing chemicals. I have already given up most processed foods and always wash off fruit and vegetables. Those chemicals enter the water table, evaborate with water and fall as dust particulates to the ground. Shoes bring them into the house. By extension, dusting or washing of the bottom of the shoes may not be a bad idea either. I wash gymshoes, but it never occurred to me to wipe down sandals or loafers. (I gave up high heels and wedge heels to preserve my feet decades ago).


The article talked about the value of wearing natural fiber clothing. I knew that anti-fire retardent chemicals were cancer-causing and to be avoided when buying furniture, but clothing?  Apparently, non-wrinkle chemicals and fabrics are dangerous to human health. Find a cleaners that uses non-cancer causing chemicals. We take these conveniences for granted and are slowly doing harm to our tissue. Interestingly, we want the cure, when preventions are already being identified. We just have to do the work.


Time to start ironing again. I usually throw away clothes that have to be ironed. I'm doomed. We do take off our shoes and ask our guests to do so. We like to walk around barefoot and the grit is controlled; now it is to keep out really harmful dust as well. Who knew? 







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Right On! Damn dust

Right On! Damn dust Bunnies 

Yes, I use a wet paper towel,

windex coated , but water will do


When I use those other products 

I literally have to hold my breath



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Who tested windex as a cancer causer. Ans: The Windex folks, of course. But then, so is the water, so "Bit a both!" :D