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I just heard a male Representative talking about Pelosi's sweet spot. Hey, watch it. I heard a newscaster today in reference to the trump say he was "full of it". Now, in Ebonics the sweet spot is somewhere in the vicintiy between the legs of females and if you are full of it, the "it" is shit. I thought that those phrases, idioms, colloquisms belonged to Ebonics. Is there an alternate interpretation in Caucasibonics for those two phrases? If not. Leaders, watch it!


I don't want to think about Pelosi's sweet spot and well, yeah, I agree about Trump bein' fullashit, but I don't think the press and The Right Honorable Representative should be using those kinds of terms while discussing opponents. Ms Pelosi just gave a speech about speaking to each other with respect and dealing honorably with each other. Wow, I guess that really flew. Listen up. There's a new sheriff in town and she's gonna slap yall in cuffs or a muzzle if you don't stop being "street" on tv. Watch it! 







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We'll see what Nancy can do

We'll see what Nancy can do now.  I know I wouldn't want to run into her in a dark alley.

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Me Either

But that would be somewhere just off the street, right - okay. :)