Gifts From Hurricanes

Weather Report: rain and more rain. It has been a long stretch of waterfall for October 2018 and the temperatures that usually rise and give us a pleasant and non-blustery Indian Summer are not happening as the middle of the month approaches. Low 50's in the forecast, rain, clouds, and wind.


Bad news for gardeners who look forward to the break to neaten up and tiddying up the gardens; so it will be heavy sweater work and hoodie clean-up this year. Weather in the extreme took out cities this year in Florida, turning them into kindling, but the aftermath stirrng up of the atmospherics dampened the surrounding states a bit. The BBC pix of the storm were particularly heart rending. Walking among the ruins. 


And so as I put on boots against the wet ground and locate that thick knit seater I love to wear in February, we brace against moma nature throwing a fit, for whatever causes, at papa nature who has been slackin' again. Maybe I will have roses blooming in December again like two years ago (9 buds about to pop now). I'm not complaining, the zinnias and marigolds love it! 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bulbs arrived from Breck's. Going perennial! :D

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