Chirping Birds

There are birds flying around my head chirping.
I don’t usually have birds around my head flittering
and chirping. Chirping  is the sound of happinss.
Whomp, whomp. What Is that sound? I am reading 
In my room and absolutely no one else Is in the house.
Oh, angels. Four of them, less haloed than brightly

auraed and grinning. Two male and two female principles.
Who sent those? Huge dappled silvery wings, two harps,

two swords, nice feathers, plume like. Make good quills

if plucked, but why are they here? And why

are they here now?



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When You

read an old poem and you laugh uncontrollably, one of three possibilities emerge: insanity is close, the poem is quite humorous, OR it hit excruciatingly close to home. I like this one ~Stella~



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That's because you are

The only one

That knows exactly

What you were thinking.

Less you forget.

Like it