In Summer I Sing of Snow


Summer Solstice demands

the poet's art, but If

in February I seriously sing

of Autumn what will I sing

in Winter?


If I compose Fall when

snow still freezes around

cold howling winds,

shall I write of Spring

when the robins retreat

and draw valentines

in Summer?

Before the burning Yule log,

compositions for Easter will warm me

without sleighs or stockings full of odes

to the crocuses looking up shyly

as if green leaves had a need

to turn crimson and golden under

the heat of Springtime's suns.

As if the world needs poetry written

in synchonized seasons or celebration or

required only the birthday wish at funerals

I will write the day dark at brilliant noon,

hum unsingable dirges at weddings.

As if there was only one place

and time for celebratory creation

so that nature can be fine tuned

and the most popular fall pageants

occur  only  during the worst winter storms.

I will write what and when I will and let

the heart declare a verse to the time of any

season or fete for clarity and purpose.

I will allow the world to consider difference

and give late abeyance to nothing affirmed

as timely.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

All writing is political. I forgot that recently, but won't in future - A

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I love it! It strikes me two ways: I live in an area with limited seasons, so the environment shifts daily at times, and it works so well as a metaphor for the emotional roller coaster of living an poet's life! Wonderful write, Lady A!

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Thanks Beav

I just re-read and found yur comment 10-14-14 (only 3 years late, hmmmmm...) At odd with everything, the question is when to do what and how best to accomplish...the poet ponders, then writes it down imperfectly, almost randomly. Or something. :D



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I think maybe I am too young

I think maybe I am too young or something to understand this poem. :P I have trouble making sense of it even after reading through the comments. So greatful for this site and all the wonderful artists on it though! You are all an inspiration to me. :)

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Yeah, It's Nonsense

It is where the words led me mostly, but seasonal shifts defy borders. Why can the poet not write of robins (traditionally a Spring image) in winter? I recently re-posted work I had unpublished and there were Kwanzaa poems, Christmas poems, spring, summer, fall & spring poems that were written and posted during those seasons. Sooooo, I challenged the when of writing about seasons. Simple. Or whether or not they can be read in the odd season. The questions were  rhetorical. Statements to make you consider an idea in question form. The answer: sure, anytime works for Santa and that other bunny, the Nguzo Saba, or things growing in October. I hope this thoroughly obcures any possibility of clarification Danny. - Just Bein' Lady A




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This seems to be an old poem pasted now Respected Lady A

A novel idea.... Getting the mood during off season.. Difficult but not impossible for a writer of your ilk.Particularly liked the name of the folder ... BTW please do introduce LSH 



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The Title of My Next Book

"Invisible Poetry" - Titles should ensnare the potential buyer. Picking it up and reading 1 poem is the hook. I am in a nonsence kind of mood today. Please excuse, Bish. :D slc

Seasons r where poets breathe best.-s