Skin Haiku



Faces snow shielded

freeze into solidity

an olive green sky.






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I like how you think and how

I like how you think and how you write. Keep it up.

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I Shall Humbly Keep It Up

I can't do anything about the thinking, but the writing will continue to evolve. I write novels and prose a while and when I come back, voila! A new vocabulary - so the poetry changes. It's a life's work. Poetry. Thanks for stopping by for a chat and a read ~ Lady A~



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Not what I was expecting from

Not what I was expecting from the title but I liked it.

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What I Learned Posting Poems

These are vintage writes. Titles were surreal back in Nov. 2012. I have learned to be clearer and use my titles to expand the concepts in the write since then. - slc