World Please Turn For Me

Crumbling Planet


The moon, the sun,

stars again, clouds, a

dawn, night. It turns

and nothing stops such

a tumbling.


A trillion stories from

the naked Earth as seen

from Sol's perspective

and Sol's age. Other planets

are other planets. Objects

in this spacious vicinity

near-miss like billiards.


Walk on it, sail through,

inhale the aether of these

orbs. Sing with robins, chirp 

cricket-like. Be creationists

and clothe the entire world

in sable.


Dream that forever is a verb,

cast this new die. How quickly

does a sea give up the unliving?

How does a falling sky fall? 

Walk until trotting becomes

a run over some unimagined

dark ledge. 

Lady A

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I really like this poem very

I really like this poem very much, especially clothe the world in Sable, lovely. Sue.

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Yes To Sable