Gotta Job Today

A New View


She walked into the living

room and three generation's

looked up from meager

bowls of beans and bones.


"They hired me! I start tonight,"

she says and the room 

erupts in howls and screams

of salvation. "They gave

me food vouchers," heard

around heartt hugs.


Tears streak faces old 

enough to remember when 

food stamps were a shame

and not life.


They all had heard what

she would be doing,

the peril to be undertaken

to feed them.


Work meant space

to live inside, new bought

not used and damaged.

The question in her

husband's eye was, 

"How long can you mine

deep for rare earth

to power windmills?"


Her returned smile

brittle said, "For as long

as I live!"




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Dalton's picture

Tis a story poem!

As if we worry incessantly, 

Prithee, for ouselves longing

Timeliness in proportion 

Even to that of Earth's infinity. Then

What is our place, anyways?

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Tracks And The Unpredictsblr

sci-fy speculation - 1, 2. progression prediction - when fossil fuels run out, then what? Worried? No. Wondering on infinite Earth timeline. Be well and thanks for the insightful comment. xoxoxo  ~S~



djtj's picture

A thought provoking

How long can you power windmills... thought provoking. 

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Work Places of the Future

Who knows tomorrow?