A New View


If you are upright

and breathing

then, you are one

of us.


Able to wake up

and see the walls of

the world. Trillions

do not do that.


You have the 

ability to shed

dead skin which

means you

made it.



the verdict

is in your favor.

You are a survivor.



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With great skill you

With great skill you spotlighted how serious this pandemic is (and too many are in denial) by projecting us into a chilling, probable future where we are applauded just for "being upright and breathing". A powerful illustration. 

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Another H1N1 virus had been discovered with pandemic possibilities. And tomorrow it will be 95 degrees and too dangerous to go outside.  Survival is the hope. ~S~



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congratulations on getting

congratulations on getting through the first half of the shit show called 2020

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1968 Was A Bitch Too

Corona one nine owns the field for testing survival mechanisms. Add second half and first half of 2021. No vaccine and bodies start to pile up. Just being among the immune takes on a whole new paradigm for being alive as the highest value. ~S~