Gone Viral


The daily tally

raises brows

causes the heart

to flutter.


How close is

the last death?

Why so many

without masks?


Years before

a vaccine

and after five

months we 




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Thank you! Well said. I've

Thank you! Well said. I've been feeling frustrated myself with a hedonistic society that can't make the smallest sacrifices . . . even when their lives depend on it! 


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Death-Rebirth, Enlightenment-Reason's End, Vision-Obscurity, Love-descent into misconception. aka Babel or Eden's locked gates. Like climate - not for good or sustainable change. Thanks for the read ~S~



sweetwater's picture

You have perfectly captured

You have perfectly captured the thoughts of a whole world, and certainly my own. Sue. X

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My Heart

Is breaking for worlds lost, mending for the new adventure of building - for as long as hope can survive and evolve. Thank you for your thoughtful observation.This is us. ~S<