Inventing A New Wheel

A New View

Conventionally, open up

and let the people out to

find work.  One business

opens, 200 people show up

with resumes.


What happens when

the cupboards are empty

and the rent is more 

overdue? The mind

can't  march, the belly

can't hold up a sign

about what matters.


Come on! We are kinda smart. 
See what is coming. No food,

no job, post Russian Revolution

streets. No health care,

no water to wash the cobwebs

from the thinker.  

New car note and no

charge card to pay 

for cheap rock bottom priced

gas. Brand new bucket 

and no rain in the well. What






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patriciajj's picture

If we continue on this

If we continue on this trajectory, I fear every word you're saying is true—and you've been right many times before if I recall. A good way to put it:

". . . Brand new bucket 

and no rain in the well . . ."


I like to think we can we can change this probability with better choices. Let's hope. 

allets's picture

We have no choice

80% of US economy is in tact - predictions are that return to high earnings for Ubers will return slowly. Debts have to be paid or forgiven. These youth want their share - I do not underestimate their understanding of MEANS OF PRODUCTION. There's a new Uber in town. They bought tickets to Trump's rally and did not go. Clever! :D