Black Jigsaws


Copiousness multitudes crammed

drifts between any wanted potential

of is. No more acceptances of matter,

disparage the touchability of this

hour's definiteness. 

One sloganeer's worth dips below

consciousness rising buoyed as

an after hour's puzzle anealing now

to day formats of death coded night.


Baked in, kneaded on the plateau

of infinity's imaginescape, images

floating declaring differences.
Amalgamed, the afternoon sings

a lyric of midnight.



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This is the most fantastic

This is the most fantastic "jigsaw" I've ever had the privilege of having seen put together. I love it! "Infinity's imaginescape", INDEED!

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Forced Connectivity


Ah! The exquisite corpse! The pieces that are not pieces emerging from dream. Breton was  insane. ~S~



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This surreal wordscape with

This surreal wordscape with so many swirling treasures (ie "the afternoon sings a lyric of midnight" ) was a pleasure to blaze through and ponder: a testament to your vast imagination. To be such a prolific writer and skillful as well is no small feat. 


An intricate wonder. 

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A Stretching

Exploration into past forms. S'been a while. A puzzle - something for the reader to envoke. Fun and different paradigm. ~S~