Slow Down

A New View


Take it to ease. Slow up.

Stay home and appreciate

all that stuff you bought.

Contemplate the too long

uncontemplated. Unplug

the clock. Learn needlepoint.

Rediscover patience. Knit

the Afghan with your

life's time. Slow 






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sweetwater's picture

I love this simple yet

I love this simple yet sensible poem, it cuts through all the covid fears and brings one back to here and now and peace. Sue.

allets's picture

Peace, Yes


Thinking and moving too fast, it blurs and the answer is to close  one's eyes for a while and let chaos swirl elsewhere . Thanks for seeing, Sue. ~S~



patriciajj's picture

I love how you put the simple

I love how you put the simple things into sharp focus. Such a wise and gracefully composed reminder of an often overlooked key to inner peace, which, when all is said and done, is the success we were always looking for. Very nice. 

allets's picture

Take It Slow


Some days a woman gotta do what a woman...  ;D