A New View


An unappreciated vegetable

sings from the grocer's bin,

"Buy me and be healthy!"


Almost as tasty as broccoli 

less prone to stick in teeth,

a lively crisp stir-fried.

Add a pat of butter or plain 

after washing. Yum.



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Cute Food Poem

Edible and delectable, Riced versions accompany Indian dishes- fried with cumin seeds for flavor' and used as a stir fry for an Asian dish- better alternative to rice,    Can be boiled and creamed; and added to mashed potatoes for textured flavorEd, And can be used as a substitute for a Mac n cheese recipe, homemade cheese sauce , 



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Carbohydrate Heaven

Homemade anything gets the drool goin'. Stir fried cauliflower or with cheese. Yum!




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When I saw the title I

When I saw the title I wondered, now how did she make this interesting? But you did, as only you could do. Mention food and I'm there, and yes, this humble veggie "sings" to me too. I love it raw with a dip, but I am intrigued by all these new ways to transform it into rice, pizza crust, ect. 


Always a pleasure to read you. 

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When Life Gets Heavy

Food binge! Lowcal, low carb, roughage! Ahhhhhh...



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I love cauliflower! Keto has

I love cauliflower! Keto has made far more popular these days. They have cauliflower rice, cauliflower mashed like ke potatoes, and even cauliflower pizza crust! All of them are yummy Wink

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Sorry for the typos auto

Sorry for the typos auto correct is not so correct lol. And then there is just simply hitting the wrong keys. I'm an expert at it.

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The C Flower Cookbook


Like mashed potatoes - sounds delicious! I have made brocholii dip - for celery stalks should be interesting. Hmmmmm... ~S~