Darkness As Shadow

Vintage Words


No substance, all shadow

all darkness and howling defense

of past guilts and failures comprise

mostly the basis of your lame

attempts to be right. Accuracy

is not a highlight when your mouth

opens and utters factless logic.


I love a good cat fight when the claws

are unsheathed, the teeth sharpened

and exposed. A low hiss adds to the drama

so by all measures, hiss more. I love 

the taste of blood in the air, on the fur, 

or in the water.


The attempt to cowl and control is

off the charts and you really have no

authority or the personality to convince

a dog to not pee on your azaleas

so, take it elsewhere. Wanting 

to be ominous and dangerous, feared

and yet loved, such darkness is a shadow

of a substance you relinquished at the gate

of avarice and narcissism.


I am not your trash can so you will find

no home here for your disease-ridden hide

of rotting superiority without substance

bullshit as nonsense. Posturing is not as 

effective as action so, your worst is a mass 

of words followed only by more words 

and words and words. After a while everyone 

stops noticing your acrimony oddly aimed. 

Time proves that it is all air, and, piteously, 

all you own.







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