700 Capital Avenue

A New View


Frankford, Kentucky

home of state Governance

is no longer the site

where jefferson Davis,

President of the Confederacy,

stands in the Capitol Building.


Nascar is barring 

the Confederate flag

from events that had

graced visuals

in previous ads,

from the racing franchise.


A prominent Republican Black

Conservative is considering

another party, naming

Senate Republicans

and his co-Conservatives



The Pope has weighed

in and declared

with the authority

of St. Peter, "...racism

is a sin..."


I find this a phyrric

victory. We have been

here before. Still,

Jeff Davis, Pope F,

and the racist

flag removals,

I'm watching, brow






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Important historical representations of systemic racist institutions are  being erased for actively supporting slavery, like in UK where a major slave trader's statue was thrown off the quay into the waves. Fed up!


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