And When I Wake Up

Vintage Words


The sun will stubornly return for another 

debut and the moon will slide from view shyly. 

I will rise from a thousand dust covered dreams

and discover, once more, that getting up

is half the battle these days.


All day, each day, a smile will happen 

or a laugh at some human doing tricks

beyond my door or inside a tv writer's

antic. Shake it off is the usual response

to bad news. The good news is chasing

the moon, but a trail of tickle dust marks

its path and it can be caught and tamed.


How much can we bear? Heroic feats

are alive in sagas of the unbelievable

and near impossible to survive. Be that,

I tell myself, walking through the mud

slung at me. Duck, let it hit the wall

and walk back into mild living, because

breathing is still and always will be

for me the best show on earth.






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a very different vibe from

a very different vibe from you. i truly appreciate the vibrant bluntness of this piece <3

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An Reposted Write

The choice of succumbing to the media's environs or making individual reality based choices is a thing for me these days. Thanks for the read. ~S~



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good to see u  Thanks for the "it goes without saying" comment. I heard that. Nuff said. We are occupied. All of us. "No freedom but what we make.":D