Humbling Moments

Black Poetry


Police take a knee 

with protesters

and marches turns

peaceful with

few incidents, no

flash grenades,

no more tear gas.


New York City

Police hugging

protesters. I think

we found 

the good ones.


Los Angeles 

burning on Melrose

and looting of 

high end stores 

on the Rodeo strip 

arsonist set ablaze.


Officer recorded

on the Black neck

of Mr. Floyd 

is under suicide



White Grand Rapids,

Michigan grandmother

filmed with baseball

bat cradled in her

withered fingers

was determined

to stop protesters

in her neighborhood.


I was hoping for 

a revolution demanding

and obtaining great

justice and fair

and equal treatment

under the law.

Instead, USA is

fed up and wants

to change a bit more

than 400 years

of racism.





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