Don’t Watch It Too Long

Black Poetry


Space it out

absorb a little

each day.


Don't listen

all day, all 

the time, space

it out.


Don't talk

about racism

and blatant

murder every

hour daily.


The mind

will sink deep

and scald



and change

your attitude

about forced



If that 

happens, how

will bigotry

thrive and

racism remain

the nation's



Think and do

the usual, the norm.

Space it out. Absorb

a little each day.







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Cascade's picture

I turned my tv off 2 months

I turned my tv off 2 months ago next week. My life is a lot more peaceful now

allets's picture

Stimuli Limitating

Good strategy. I am addicted. May get Sunday NYT subscrtpn soon. I thirst for the world. ~ S ~



patriciajj's picture

Excellent advice, cleverly

Excellent advice, cleverly patterned in a way that underscores this wisdom. I have at times been too saturated with the tyranny of the times, which can be demoralizing. Great work as always. 

allets's picture

Thank You

I kinda like this one - the undertone carries the emoting well. Thanks 4 the read. ~S~